What is PGSE?

Problem Gambling Support & Education is a Social Enterprise with the aim of education against the dangers of gambling addiction and helping individuals who are suffering from gambling addiction.

We the founders are gambling addicts who both suffered from horrendous gambling addiction, although we are now both in recovery.  We soon realised that other than a few organisations (GA, Gamcare, Gamble Aware) there aren't many ways in which the dangers of gambling addiction are discussed or educated.

Gambling addiction is in most cases a hidden addiction, for instance you wouldn't be able to pick a compulsive gambler out in a room of people....whereas drug and alcohol addiction do have visible signs that can be picked up on.

Away from the obvious financial destruction gambling addiction can cause, there are other far more serious consequences to the actions of a problem gambler.  Lost time with family, compulsive lying, gambling at work, committing crime to fund the addiction are just some of the side issues that many people don't think about.  We aim to show that gambling addiction is a REAL addiction and without education and support to everyone from school age to people in Human Resources in a company who may have employees with the addiction - these people think there is nowhere left to turn.

Our Aims

  • We aim to educate people against the dangers of gambling addiction and also help those who are suffering from the illness.
  • We also would like to give advice to people coming into contact with problem gamblers and make them aware of what help is available.
  • We are both gambling addicts in recovery and know too well how the illness can destroy people's lives and their loved ones, friends and work colleagues.
  • We both noticed how gambling addiction had very little airtime in the media compared to other addictions like alcohol and drugs.
  • With the rise in popularity of smart phones and easier access to the internet for all, gambling is now available 24 hours a day and to a younger audience than when we were in the midst of our gambling.