About Us
Mick Cooper & Matt Kettell are the Co-Founder's of PGSE. You'll hear their full story when you book a talk from them but for now - here's a brief biography.
Mick Cooper
Mick is 45 years old and has an addiction to gambling dating back 34 years.

His life was just one continual spiral of misery, lies and deceit and his story highlights the depths that compulsive gamblers will go to in order to fund their addiction and the dark roads he walked with near fatal consequences.

Mick has shown great strength of character to overcome a lot in his life and has been in recovery for almost 4 years now and during that time he realised that very little was being done to help educate future generations to the catastrophic dangers problem gambling can cause.
Matt Kettell
Matt Kettell is 45 and gambled from the age of 12 until he was 35 years old.

His addiction to gambling became so bad that he stole a significant sum from his employer and as a result received a 3 year custodial prison sentence.

He sought help, turned his life around and is in his 10th year of recovery. When he first looked for help he was shocked at how little help and understanding there was for gambling addiction and this continued during his time in prison.

That is why he wanted to help people struggling with gambling addiction and to help educate people to the dangers of this illness.